Standalone Large Teak Desk, Denmark 1960s

Standalone Large Teak Desk, Denmark 1960s

This exquisite, large teak desk was designed and crafted in Denmark during the 1960s. Its clean, pure lines and distinct symmetry are hallmarks of classic Danish design, while the minimalist sculpted drawer pulls and understated elegance give it a timeless appeal that would be suitable for any decor style. The desk is constructed with exceptional craftsmanship, using only the finest materials. The natural organic wood finish enhances the beauty of the wood grain, and the desk is large enough to stand alone as a focal point in any room. It also has storage options on the opposite end, making it even more functional.

Condition: Good unrestored vintage condition with signs of wear and use. Option for Mr. Chair to restore and refinish at the buyer's expense.

Materials: Teak

Size: H72, L60, W120 cm

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