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Yeokaa x Progress "Mirror Selfie" Skate Deck

Yeokaa x Progress "Mirror Selfie" Skate Deck

Released in 2018, Manila streetwear brand Progress teamed up with Filipino contemporary artist Yeokaa for this limited edition skateboard deck. Known for her colorful visuals and wide-eyed, cartoonish figures, Yeo kaa's seemingly candy-colored world often depict a haunting imagery of bloodied and dismembered bodies, themes that would often be rendered as taboo. The skate deck features Yeo Kaa's artwork entitled "My art is like a rainbow with dark colors" from 2013. Available in 3 colorways. Condition is brand new.

Edition: Limited

Color: Blue

Artist: Yeokaa for Progress

Year of Production: 2018

Specs: H 31 in

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